The software application Praat can be used to annotate waveform data (e.g., to mark intervals of interest or to label events). These annotations are stored in a Praat TextGrid object, which consists of a number of interval tiers and point tiers. An interval tier consists of sequential (i.e., not overlapping) labeled intervals. A point tier consists of labeled events that have no duration. The textgRid package provides S4 classes, generics, and methods for accessing information that is stored in Praat TextGrid objects.

S4 classes:

The textgRid package defines four S4 classes, whose slots and accessors are described in the tables below.

Slot Type Accessor
@name character tierName()
@number numeric tierNumber()
IntervalTier (inherits from Tier)
Slot Type Accessor
@startTimes numeric intervalStartTimes()
@endTimes numeric intervalEndTimes()
@labels character intervalLabels()
PointTier (inherits from Tier)
Slot Type Accessor
@times numeric pointTimes()
@labels character pointLabels()
Slot Type Accessor
@.Data list (of IntervalTiers and PointTiers)
@startTime numeric textGridStartTime()
@endTime numeric textGridEndTime()

TextGrid object instantiation:

An instance of the TextGrid class is created with the S4 generic function TextGrid().