Steve’s R Markdown Templates

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stevetemplates is an R package to help you create lovely R Markdown documents, primarily for conversion to LaTeX PDFs. They come from my suite of R Markdown templates, which I’m making available as an R package. The impetus behind the R package is three-fold. First, I’ve always wanted to get something on CRAN just to say I did it. Two, I’m hopelessly vain and like making my first name as a prefix for various R-related things (see also: {stevemisc} and {stevedata} as part of the hypothetical {steveverse} for all things R and me (i.e. Steve)). Three, it would be nice to cut down on how clunky my YAML can get and it’d be nice for me and other users to have one single place to store these templates that don’t depend on my cornball relative paths.


You can install this on CRAN.


The development version may also have some extra goodies not yet published on CRAN. You can install the development version of stevetemplates from Github via the devtools package. I suppose using the remotes package would work as well.



The easiest way to use my templates is within Rstudio. Go to File > New File > R Markdown. Here, select any template you’d like to use. The version on CRAN should lag behind the development version, but the development version includes the following templates:

The user should notice that the YAML contains the functions (loaded in this package) to compile these documents. They are basic wrappers for rmarkdown::pdf_document. Please consult the corresponding posts and the template repository for rudimentary examples and the underlying code to help guide your usage. Importantly: some features/functionality might not be evident in these templates because they may require other add-ons (e.g. R packages or specialty fonts) that you may or may not have.