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(Version 0.10.4, updated on 2023-10-31, release history)


This package includes functions for forming the likelihood-based confidence intervals (LBCIs) for parameters in structural equation modeling. It also supports the robust LBCI proposed by Falk (2018). It was described in the following manuscript:

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How To Use It

Illustration with examples can be found in the Get Started guide (vignette("semlbci", package = "semlbci")).


It currently implements the algorithm illustrated by Pek and Wu (2018), adapted from Wu and Neale (2012) without adjustment for parameters with attainable bounds. It also supports the robust LBCI proposed by Falk (2018). More on the implementation can be found in the technical appendices.


Cheung, S. F., & Pesigan, I. J. A. (2023). semlbci: An R package for forming likelihood-based confidence intervals for parameter estimates, correlations, indirect effects, and other derived parameters. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal. Advance online publication.

Falk, C. F. (2018). Are robust standard errors the best approach for interval estimation with nonnormal data in structural equation modeling? Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 25(2), 244-266.

Pek, J., & Wu, H. (2015). Profile likelihood-based confidence intervals and regions for structural equation models. Psychometrika, 80(4), 1123-1145.

Wu, H., & Neale, M. C. (2012). Adjusted confidence intervals for a bounded parameter. Behavior Genetics, 42(6), 886-898.


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