ravetools 0.1.3

ravetools 0.1.2

ravetools 0.1.1

ravetools 0.1.0

ravetools 0.0.9

ravetools 0.0.8

ravetools 0.0.7

ravetools 0.0.6

ravetools 0.0.5

ravetools 0.0.4

Parallel processes might use different temporary directory paths. To improve the performance, it is recommended to set a shared temporary directory, hence this version

ravetools 0.0.3

This version fixes a memory issue reported by CRAN check (gcc-UBSAN).

ravetools 0.0.2

This is an initial version of ravetools. Although a bare minimal set of signal processing functions are provided, it is sufficient to perform preprocess pipelines on most iEEG signals. Some functions are added from the dipsaus package, with considerable performance improvement. The C++ functions have been tested on all major platforms, with different architectures (ARM, i386, x64).


Signal processing functions

High-performance functions

The following functions are implemented in C++ parallel. They tend to be faster than normal base-R implementations, depending on the number of CPU cores used.