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The goal of racir is to provide fast and easy analysis of rapid A/Ci response (RACiR TM) data obtained using the LI-COR 6800 portable photosynthesis machine (LI-COR Biosciences, Lincoln, NB).

RACiR is a trademark of LI-COR Biosciences, and used with permission.

Please report bugs or suggest features to Dr. Joseph Ronald Stinziano at josephstinziano@gmail.com.

##Contents read_6800() reads in a tab-delimited LI-COR 6800 file. racircalcheck() allows the user to run QAQC on the calibration RACiR data. racircal() calibrates one RACiR leaf data frame based on a calibration data frame. racircalbatch() calibrates multiple RACiR leaf data frames based on a single calibration data frame.

##Notes & Help For use on rapid A/Ci response data from other instruments, simply modify the varnames variable. Please contact Dr. Joseph R. Stinziano for more information.


To install the development version, use the following commands. Windows users must have Rtools installed.

library(devtools) install_github(“jstinzi/racir”)