This is a collection of R things from your friends at UM (The University of Miami).

rUM includes:

The plan is to add UM thesis and dissertation Markdown templates.

How to I add rUM?

if (!requireNamespace("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")

Where can I get rUM?

How do I make rUM research project?

  1. Use File > New Project > New Directory
  2. Scroll down and then click Research Project Template
  3. Specify where you want your research project to be saved.

How do I use rUM for markdown headers?

  1. Use File > New File > RMarkdown…
  2. Click From Template
  3. Choose a template

This will create a new subdirectory in your current working directory with the same name as the name of the .Rmd file you specified. Within this directory, you will find the analysis RMarkdown file. For example, if you created an RMarkdown file called wrangle_cytometry_data.Rmd with the steps above, then your current directory will now have a subdirectory called wrangle_cytometry_data/ which will contain the file wrangle_cytometry_data.Rmd and any subsequent files from the knitting process (such as .PDF, .html, or .docx files created by knitting the RMarkdown document).

What are the headers?

html2 with rUM

This is a basic web page

html2 Details with rUM

This shows a table of contents

pdf2 showing LaTeX with rUM

PDF report where table and figures don’t float to other pages. Many thanks to

bookdown_site with rUM

A bookdown website with a good table of contents for a book