Useful git pre-commit hooks for R

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Pre-commit hooks are tests that run each time you attempt to commit. If the tests pass, the commit will be made, otherwise not. A very basic test is to check if the code is parsable, making sure you have not forgotten a comma, brace or quote. You can run hooks locally and/or in the cloud:

Goals of the package

The goal of this package is to twofold:

Why do I need pre-commit hooks?

By Mara Averick

For a more in-depth explanation and even more reasons, see vignette("why-use-hooks").


The following online docs are available:

These only cover the functionality added on top of the pre-commit framework by this package. Everything else is covered in the extensive online documentation of the pre-commit framework itself, including how to create hooks for actions like git push or git checkout, create local hooks etc.