photobiologyPlants 0.5.0

photobiologyPlants 0.4.3

photobiologyPlants 0.4.2

photobiologyPlants 0.4.1

Rebuild data objects with photobiology 0.9.14. Updating data build script to fix wrong attribute of exported object_spct data objects.

photobiologyPlants 0.4.0

photobiologyPlants 0.3.3

Compatibility update for photobiology 0.9.1 and ggplot2 2.0.0. Use ggspectra instead of photobiologygg.

photobiologyPlants 0.3.2

photobiologyPlants 0.3.1

photobiologyPlants 0.3.0

photobiologyPlants 0.1.2

photobiologyPlants 0.1.1

photobiologyPlants 0.1.0

photobiologyPlants 0.0.3

photobiologyPlants 0.0.2

photobiologyPlants 0.0.1

New package created by merging the CRY and PHY related packages, and adding UVR8 functions and data. Vignettes were edited, but only the User Guide was merged.

photobiologyCry 0.1.3

Minute update to vignette.

photobiologyCry 0.1.2

Added missing import directive.

photobiologyCry 0.1.1

Added vignettes.

photobiologyCry 0.1.0

First release. Only CRY2.

photobiologyPhy 0.2.5

Now cache is created in emptyenv().

photobiologyPhy 0.2.4

Updated to adjust code to changes introduced in photobiology 0.2.16.

photobiologyPhy 0.2.3

New function Phy_reaction_rates added.

photobiologyPhy 0.2.2

Bumped required version of photobiology package.