An Open Meteo SDK for R


openmeteo provides functions for accessing the Open-Meteo weather API, enabling the desired weather data or forecasts to be retrieved in a tidy data format. An API key is not required to access the Open-Meteo API.

Install with: install.packages("openmeteo")

Open-Meteo provides several API endpoints. This package currently enables access to the Weather Forecast API, the Historical Weather API, and the Geocoding API through the following functions: - weather_forecast() - retrieve weather forecasts for a location - weather_history() - retrieve historical weather observations for a location - weather_now() - simple function to return current weather for a location - geocode() - return the co-ordinates and other data for a location name - weather_variables() - retrieve a shortlist of valid forecast or historical weather variables provided

Please review the API documentation at for details regarding the data available, its types, units, and other caveats and considerations.