Author: Kassel Liam Hingee

This directory contains the source code of the R package lacunaritycovariance. This R package is for estimating gliding box lacunarity and other random closed set properties from binary coverage maps (images composed of binary-valued pixels).

Table of Contents

Installation + From GitHub using remotes package + From .tar.gz file + Install from source code not in .tar.gz form

Manual pages

Git repository branches


From GitHub using remotes package

From inside an R interactive session run:

install_github("kasselhingee/lacunaritycovariance", ref = "release")

From .tar.gz file

Inside an R session run

install.packages("<PATH>", repos = NULL, type = "source")

where <PATH> is the path to a .tar.gz file containing the contents of this repository.

Install from source code not in .tar.gz form

First run the following to build a .tar.gz file.

R CMD build --compact-vignettes=gs+qpdf . 

This should create a file lacunaritycovariance-<VERSION>.tar.gz. Where <VERSION> is a string on numbers separated by periods and hyphens, for example 1.0-0. Then run

R CMD INSTALL lacunaritycovariance-<VERSION>.tar.gz

Manual pages

The manual pages for each function (in man/) and the file NAMESPACE have been generated using roxygen2. To edit these, edit the specially formatted comments in the files in the directory R/, then regenerate the manual pages and NAMESPACE function by running roxygen2::roxygenise() from an R session with the working directory at the root of the package directory.

Git repository branches

It is intended that the release branch is consistent with the package available on CRAN (except for brief periods whilst the new versions are submitted to CRAN and awaiting approval). Editing of the package should occur in either the master branch or other branches.