Package intRvals calculates means and variances of arrival intervals (and arrival rates) corrected for missed arrival observations, and compares means and variances of groups of interval data.

Installation in R



The central function of package intRvals is estinterval, which is used to estimate the mean arrival interval (and its standard deviation) from interval data with missed arrivals. This is achieved by fitting the theoretical probability density intervalpdf to the interval data

The package can be used to analyse general interval data where intervals are derived from distinct arrival observations. For example, the authors have used it to analyze dropping intervals of grazing geese for estimating their faecal output.

Intervals are defined as the time between observed arrival events (e.g. the time between one excreted droppings to the next) The package provides a way of taking into account missed observations (e.g. defecations), which lead to occasional observed intervals at integer multiples of the true arrival interval.

Typical workflow

Other useful functionality

The package comes with a example interval dataset goosedrop