incidence2 2.2.3

Bug fixes

incidence2 2.2.1

New features

incidence2 2.1.0

New features

(minor) breaking changes

incidence2 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 is a major, breaking release of incidence2. We have undertaken a significant refactor that both simplifies the underlying code base and makes the user interface more consistent and robust. Although the main changes are highlighted below, users are strongly advised to read through the accompanying documentation and vignettes.

breaking changes

incidence2 1.2.3

New functions

Breaking changes

incidence2 1.2.2

Bug fixes

incidence2 1.2.1

Bug fixes

incidence2 1.2.0

New functions

Deprecated functions

Bug fixes

Other updates

incidence2 1.1.0

incidence2 1.0.0

Due to multiple changes in the underlying representation of incidence2 objects this release may possibly break old workflows particularly those relying on the old implementations of date grouping:

incidence2 0.2.2

incidence2 0.2.1

incidence2 0.2.0

incidence2 0.1.0