Data sets for the igraph R package

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This is a data R package, that contains network data sets, to be used with the igraph R package.


From CRAN:


You can install the development version from Github, using the devtools package:



data(package = "igraphdata")
#> Data sets in package 'igraphdata':
#> Koenigsberg           Bridges of Koenigsberg from Euler's times
#> UKfaculty             Friendship network of a UK university
#>                       faculty
#> USairports            US airport network, 2010 December
#> enron                 Enron Email Network
#> foodwebs              A collection of food webs
#> immuno                Immunoglobulin interaction network
#> karate                Zachary's karate club network
#> kite                  Krackhardt's kite
#> macaque               Visuotactile brain areas and connections
#> yeast                 Yeast protein interaction network


CC BY-SA 4.0, plus see LICENSE for the licenses of the individual data sets.