covtracer: Contextualizing Tests

Dissects a package environment or 'covr' coverage object in order to cross reference tested code with the lines that are evaluated, as well as linking those evaluated lines to the documentation that they are described within. Connecting these three pieces of information provides a mechanism of linking tests to documented behaviors.

Version: 0.0.1
Depends: R (≥ 3.2.0)
Imports: tools, stats, methods
Suggests: testthat, covr (≥ 3.5.2), withr, R6, cli, dplyr, igraph, knitr, rmarkdown
Published: 2024-07-08
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.covtracer
Author: Doug Kelkhoff ORCID iD [cre, aut], Szymon Maksymiuk ORCID iD [aut], Andrew McNeil [aut], F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG [cph, fnd]
Maintainer: Doug Kelkhoff <doug.kelkhoff at>
License: MIT + file LICENSE
NeedsCompilation: no
Materials: README NEWS
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Reference manual: covtracer.pdf
Vignettes: Combining srcref Data
Plotting Test Paths
Working with srcrefs


Package source: covtracer_0.0.1.tar.gz
Windows binaries: r-devel:, r-release:, r-oldrel:
macOS binaries: r-release (arm64): covtracer_0.0.1.tgz, r-oldrel (arm64): covtracer_0.0.1.tgz, r-release (x86_64): covtracer_0.0.1.tgz, r-oldrel (x86_64): covtracer_0.0.1.tgz


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