Tutorial for WufooR

dmpe @ github



To access data from your surways, you firstly need to store your login name (subdomain) and API Key. This can be done in two ways as described below.

Initially, this has been written by Scott Chamberlain, who wrote it in the NEWS file of his rnoaa package. I have addapted the names of my functions accordingly.

PS: Don’t use my key, of course. See https://wufoo.github.io/docs/

A new helper function auth_name()/auth_api() looks for one of two stored keys, as an environment variable under the name Wufoo_Name/Wufoo_API, or an option variable under the name Wufoo_Name/Wufoo_API.

Environment variables can be set during session like Sys.setenv(VAR = "..."), or stored long term in your .Renviron file. Option variables can be set during session like options(var = "..."), or stored long term in your .Rprofile file.


options(Wufoo_Name = "johnmalc", Wufoo_API = "put here your api key")

Print information about my name & api key.


Use Cases

Let’s print some information about the user.


And now about the forms you have access to.


# Show responses to the form
fe_1 <- form_entries(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g")

sapply(fe_1, class)
# How many responses did you get ?
form_entriesCount(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g", domain = "wufoo.eu")

Show its fields, with the requested URL (for debug purposes).

fields_info(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g", showRequestURL = TRUE)

Do I have some reports ? If yes, then show me information about them.