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The goal of SticsRFiles is to perform manipulations of the STICS model files either on XML files (used by the JavaSTICS GUI) or on text files used by the model fortran executable.

The basic functionalities allows to read parameters names and values through XML queries and replace parameters values in files. A starting guide is available on the Get started page.

Advanced functionalities are dedicated to produce XML parameter files using a mailing process like from XML templates and Excel sheets containing multiple simulations contexts. A JavaSTICS workspace is generated and directly usable from the JavaSTICS interface (GUI or command line), or with an R JavaSTICS interface provided by the SticsOnR package.

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Prerequisites and technical tips

Some information about software requirements and operating system constraints are given in the SticsOnR package documentation here.


Warning: If during the installation process, packages updates are suggested.

The best way to install the packages from SticsRPacks, from which SticsRFiles is part of, is by installing the [SticsRPacks] package. The package can be installed from GitHub using either the devtools package, or the more lightweight the remotes package:


The package will install the packages for you at the latest release version.

Direct installation from the CRAN or GitHub



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Files manipulations

Files generation

Getting help

If you have any question or suggestion or if you want to report a bug, please do it via the GitHub issues.

Thanks for that, this would greatly help us to improve this package.


If you have used this package for a study that led to a publication or report, please cite us. You can either use the citation tool from GitHub if you used the last version, or use citation("SticsRFiles") from R otherwise.

Code of conduct

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The package is under intensive development, so you can fill an issue or request us a feature here at any time.