Changes in version 5.5.2

New features

Minor improvements and Bug Fixes

Changes in version 5.4.1

Clang-14 throws a warning for some bitwise logical operators in “Uncertain.h”. I updated the downloader function to change these instances.

Changes in version 5.4

Updated the package to CGAL v5.4. Caught a bug when replacing CGAL error outputs where it didn’t properly include Rcpp. Moved all Rcpp includes to the tops of files to prevent this in the future.

Changes in version (#issue-1092895079)

Updated the package to edit out references to std::cerr and std::cout when copying header files. Should prevent error for CRAN checks when attempting to use this package for other R packages on CRAN.

Changes in version 5.3.1

First release! Header files for CGAL for use in R. Supports CGAL v5.3.1.