PDE 1.4.8

PDE 1.4.7

fixed bug with save.tab.by.category variable fixed issue with intToUtf8(0xFB01) - intToUtf8(0xFB06) which produce merge letters

PDE 1.4.6

*added save.tab.by.category variable to seperate tables according to search word found in

PDE 1.4.5

Fixed PDF recognition in PDE_reader_i Added ability to separate pdfs according to category

PDE 1.4.4

Added recognition of superscript and subscript in tables when extracted Fixed issue with international Windows version xpdf install

PDE 1.4.3

Added the ability to have search word categories Fixed bug with display of non-extracted tables Fixed bug with overlapping tables Fixed bug with absolute filter word threshold Fixed bug with very small tables towards the end of the page Fixed strtrim bug

PDE 1.4.2

*Fixed problem with outputting to locations with spaces

PDE 1.4.1

PDE 1.4.0

PDE 1.3.0

PDE 1.2.1

PDE 1.2.0

PDE 1.1.2

PDE 1.1.1

PDE 1.1.0

PDE 1.0.2

PDE 1.0.1

PDE 1.0.0