MoNAn 1.0.0

!! Backward breaking change !!

The “cache” is not visible to the user anymore, it is created automatically and there is no more use for the function createWeightedCache.

The following functions are used differently:

New functions (aliases) for easier use

Further changes:

MoNAn 0.3.0

New functions to specify the model: createEffects and addEffect New function to generate the process state: monanDataCreate

Creation of alias: monanAlgorithmCreate for createAlgorithm Creation of alias: monan07 for estimateMobilityNetwork

Implementation of new effects

MoNAn 0.2.0

Implementation of paralellization in Phase 1 of the estimation.

MoNAn 0.1.3

Various bugfixes and improvements.

Implementation of new effects.

User-friendly checks in creation of MoNAn objects.

MoNAn 0.1.2

Original Submission