FMM 0.3.1Minor improvements and fixes:* A vignette has been added.* The default value of the argument showTime of fitFMM() function has been changed to FALSE.* R2() and alwaysFalse() functions are listed in NAMESPACE file.* A link to the GitHub repository has been added to DESCRIPTION file.* An example for plotting the original time scale on the x-axis of the ggplots has been added to the documentation of the plotFMM() function.* Add automated unit tests for fitFMM() function.* fitFMM() prints informative error messages when the number of observation is insufficient or data are constant. # FMM 0.3.0Enhancements:* Optimization of the estimation procedure for the monocomponent, multicomponent and restricted FMM models. An embedded parallelized procedure is available for all the models for faster estimations.* Code has been refined: it is now more object-oriented, code duplicity has been reduced, unnecessary orders have been suppressed, API usability has been improved, and the documentation is now automatically created with roxygen2.New features:* In addition to the estimation by blocks previously available for the restricted model, an exact implementation has been added for more accurate fits in expense of more computational time.# FMM 0.2.0New features:* Optimized monocomponent and multicomponent model computation.# FMM 0.1.2Enhancements:* Added a slot in the FMM object with information on the number of iteraction of the fitting process.* Renamed the FMMPeaks function to getFMMPeaks.* Renamed the generate_FMM function to generateFMM. Also parameters a, b and w to alpha, beta and omega, respectively.New features:* New show() method to print basic information on an FMM object.# FMM 0.1.1Fixed the issues pointed out in the review of the CRAN submission:* Modified the beginning of the description.* Added details about internal functions in the documentation.* Replaced the use of cat() by warning().* options(warn=-1) is no longer used.* No example in the documentation of the functions uses more than two processor cores.# FMM 0.1.0* Submitted version 0.1.0 to CRAN.