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This package is primarily useful for developers of DBI backends. It provides a considerable set of test cases for DBI backends. These test cases correspond to the DBI specification. Please follow the steps below to add these test cases to your DBI backend.


Install from CRAN via


or the development version using



In your driver package, add DBItest to the Suggests: and enable the tests. Run the following code in you package’s directory:

# install.packages("usethis")
usethis::use_package("DBItest", "suggests")

This enables testing using testthat (if necessary) and creates, among others, a file test-DBItest.R in the tests/testthat directory. Replace its entire contents by the following:

DBItest::make_context(Kazam(), NULL)

This assumes that Kazam() returns an instance of your DBIDriver class. Additional arguments to dbConnect() are specified as named list instead of the NULL argument to make_context(). The default_skip argument to make_context() allows skipping tests that are not (yet) satisfied by your backend.

Further reading:

Please note that the ‘DBItest’ project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.