CohortAlgebra 0.3.0

Optimized sql for Cohort Era. Thank you @chrisknoll who wrote the SQL

CohortAlgebra 0.2.1

Explicitly cast cohort_definition_id, subject_id as BIGINT and cohort_start_date, cohort_end_date as DATE. This reduces the chances of cohort table having INT or date-time.

CohortAlgebra 0.2.0

Added new function reindexRules(). Tests added. Tests pass. Improved test coverage.

CohortAlgebra 0.1.0

Added new function called reindexCohortsByDays()
Improved test coverage.

CohortAlgebra 0.0.4

Made CRAN compatible.

CohortAlgebra 0.0.3

Made CRAN compatible.

CohortAlgebra 0.0.2

Removed experimental functions.

CohortAlgebra 0.0.1

This is a unreleased package.