ABM R Package: Agent Based Model Simulation Framework

The ABM package provides a high-performance, flexible framework for agent-based modeling. It has an easy-to-use state transition mechanism, that makes it especially suitable for modeling agent based models. For example, an SEIR model can be implemented in 18 lines.

In addition, this framework is a general event-based framework. Yet this framework allows the state of an agent to be quite general, described by a R list taking arbitrary R values. The states are modified by events, which can be easily defined. Thus, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as implementing the Gillespie algorithm.



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Concepts and Usage

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  1. Simulate an SIR model using the Gillespie method
  2. Simulate an agent based SEIR model
  3. Simulate a multi-group SEIR model
  4. Simulate a contact network SIR model
  5. Simulate contact tracing on an SIR model
  6. Simulate a household SEIR model
  7. An SIR model with births and deaths